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Lawrence, Kansas

Landplan Engineering, as part of a multi-disciplinary project team comprising local and out-of-town architects, civil engineers, surveyors and the contractor, worked with the University of Kansas in the development of this new $40 million, 106,000 square foot research building on the University's west campus. Landplan's primary responsibility in this project was the design of a 1,350-foot public road leading to the proposed facility parking lot. We were also responsible for the design of sanitary sewer improvements, project-specific stormwater collection system, and area-wide stormwater detention facility as well as providing all necessary surveying services.


In addition to designing facilities on college and university campuses, Landplan Engineering also is involved in the overall planning of these facilities. Higher education institutions have requirements unique to their role that require short- and long-term planning. Similar to community planning, campus planning must flexibly provide for growth in a cost-effective manner. Access and particularly parking and pedestrian routes are critical. The ability to extend utilities and to maintain and upgrade them over time must provide for building additions and changing uses of existing buildings. Crucial to the entire process is creating an environment that is safe and compatible with students' needs.

Landplan has provided campus planning on a comprehensive basis as well as for specific purposes. Parking and pedestrian traffic patterns are evaluated to make best use of limited space. Streetscapes and landscaping, often themed aesthetically to coordinate with building architecture, are set forth in campus plans. Wayfinding/signage is an important element, as is lighting, in providing for safe and confident passage of students and visitors through a campus. Landplan is aware that both function and image are important to the financial wellbeing of educational institutions. Creating and sustaining spectacular communities in which to learn is Landplan's commitment to higher education.