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Lawrence, Kansas

Landplan Engineering evaluated ten sites for their suitability as the location for a new high school. Critical issues included socio-economic population and blending, property and utility availability, planning and zoning, and natural features. Consensus was reached by the School Board and the proposal for a second high school was developed into a bond issue for voter approval. Landplan worked with the School District and the City of Lawrence to develop a master plan for the selected site and its surrounding environment.

Following passage of the bond issue, Landplan Engineering provided complete engineering services for infrastructure improvements, including design of waterlines, storm sewer, streets, and sanitary sewer extension, as well as site planning and design of parking lots for 1,100 vehicles, and baseball, soccer, football and softball fields, tennis courts and track. Landplan also provided topographic survey, traffic study, and construction staking services. Landplan provided construction observation services to the School District during construction.


Communities revolve around their local schools because most citizens have a personal attachment to those buildings that surpasses other governmental facilities. As such, Landplan Engineering recognizes the important role these facilities hold and that is reflected in our design by our attention to detail and quality.