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The Woodlands, Texas

Landplan Engineering has been part of the team developing auxiliary facilities around St. Luke’s Hospital in The Woodlands, Texas. For the first medical office building, civil engineering and landscape design had to address severe drainage issues, maintaining access to a hotel being developing behind the building, and maintaining the high aesthetic landscape standards of The Woodlands Township. Associated projects encompass a double parking structure, a mid-rise medical office building, and driveway improvements to enhance circulation between the dual hospitals on site and the medical office building.

medical office buildings

Landplan Engineering has extensive experience in office buildings. This experience, along with our hospital experience, is applied to the design of medical office buildings. The key to these buildings is they need the look and feel of an office, yet incorporate the infrastructure of a hospital. Many medical offices now perform outpatient services traditionally found in hospitals. As a result, these buildings need emergency capabilities, mobility considerations, backup power, and utility capacities in excess of the typical office building.