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Westworth Village, Texas

The Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins in Westworth Village posed a number of challenges for Landplan Engineering and our client. Because of the unique nature of many of the locations in which our clients decide to build, the idea of simply siting a standard footprint building on a new location frequently does not work. Our task was to begin with the standard building, modify it to work with the proposed building location, then modify it to meet local building codes and policies, and finally modify it to satisfy the local jurisdictional authorities. Landplan Engineering's ability to provide architectural support and produce renderings such as this kept the project on track and provided a graphic representation of what everyone would eventually see as a new store.

Architectural Support

All Multi-Site Program projects require some level of architecture support. This support is generally in the form of building code compliance, minor building re-design and interior reconfiguration. While we have architects on staff who can handle some level of detail, we  also bring a list of architectural alliances  (as well as mechanical, electrical, and structural) that  have multi-site experience and understand the unique needs of these types of projects. The architects we bring to projects are selected for their responsiveness as well as their geographic experience in a specific project type. When architecture support is provided by our clients, we serve as the local liaison for the Client.