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Cedar Hills, Texas

This project was the conversion of a dated ice cream store to a new Dunkin Donuts/ Baskin Robbins. Unique to this project was the original construction of the existing building–the floor is a structural slab with two-way steel reinforcing throughout. Landplan Engineering's support for this project was to provide advice during construction once the floor was x-rayed and the exact location of the steel reinforcing determined. Other support Landplan Engineering provided included maintaining an FTP site for posting bid documents, change orders, pay requests, ALTA surveys, and shop drawing review.

construction Support

The level of construction support provided by Landplan Engineering is completely dependent on the capabilities of each client. Many clients have highly capable construction management staff so our involvement is limited, possibly to provide construction staking or those observations that are required by law (stormwater compliance as an example). Other times, we provide a full-time construction management services where we collect bids, recommend a contractor, provide full-time construction manager, review pay applications, document project progress and provide a final project punch list. The extent of the services provided is generally determined as we progress through the design process and the Client determines their comfort level with the project, the local conditions and the availability of quality trades.