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The concept of multi-site services is based on beginning with a standard building and layout, and then siting this on numerous new locations. This is certainly true with the Kroger Fuel Centers. Landplan Engineering began with the standard building and fueling center layout, which was then slightly modified to accommodate not only the sites, but the governing jurisdictions requirements. Throughout this process, Landplan Engineering provided quick looks and feasibility studies, completed an environmental phase 1 audit, managed the architectural modifications, coordinated with all utilities, and walked the projects through the numerous approval steps, while incorporating the multiple modifications injected along the way.

Multi-site services

With multi-site services, our task is to take a brand identifying building and replicate it throughout various markets. Our clients have anywhere from one building footprint to a multitude of building sizes, all with several variations depending on the site geometrics and the identified market needs. In addition to typical development services, we focus on feasibility studies (often called “quick looks”) that assist in determining which building size and/or type is best suited for a particular site. We frequently evaluate issues such as material delivery, emergency access, handicap accessibility, visibility from neighboring properties and streets, signage opportunities, etc.