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The Woodlands, Texas

Landplan Engineering began working with Texas Ironman in 2010 for their inaugural race in The Woodlands in 2011. Because it was the first time the race had been run, Landplan assisted in identifying the route for each of the three ironman race components (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike course and 26.2-mile run course) and then developing the necessary traffic control plan. Multiple course options were evaluated for their impact on the highly developed area. Landplan also provided assistance in permit acquisition involving multiple state and county agencies in two counties and The Woodlands Township as well as neighborhood associations and shopping center owners.

The swim course in Lake Woodlands required the design of a stair system to efficiently and safely get the competitors out of the water and over the concrete embankment to the transition area for the bicycle phase of the race.


Throughout the United States, we have seen an increased demand for running events such as marathons, half-marathons, 10K races, 5-K races and ironman events. As a result of Landplan Engineering’s unique mix of services, we have developed an expertise in three important components of these events. First is the accuracy in race length and the route used to complete the race. Secondly, and combined with the race length, is the traffic control needed to close streets and intersections and to divert traffic temporarily during the race. Frequently, longer races may cross jurisdictional lines and require cooperation and permitting from state agencies, cities, townships and counties. Finally, for large events, is planning for parking for both participants and spectators. Our objective is to work with race officials to aid in making the event enjoyable and successful.