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Kansas City, Missouri to Topeka, Kansas

Biennially since 1992, Landplan Engineering has performed hydrographic surveys using a hovercraft and other watercraft and GPS control to shoot approximately 130 cross-sections on the Kansas River for the Kansas Aggregate Producers Association and US Army Corps of Engineers. In constant communication with landowners, the Kansas Water Office, and the US Army Corps of Engineers, Landplan traverses the riverbanks acquiring horizontal and vertical data for use in degradation studies. Monuments are set at each cross section and located in their final form with calibrations provided by the Online Positioning User Service (OPUS) in order to provide accurate water elevations versus discharge rates at impacting reservoirs. Each cross section contains existing surface features including top of bank, break lines, edge of water, multiple grade shots crossing the river channel, levee, sand banks and obstructions.


Since 1992, Landplan Engineering has been engaged to provide survey services along a 150-mile stretch of the Kansas River. To accomplish this task, we added a hovercraft as a standard piece of survey equipment. Powered by a four-foot fan, our hovercraft can navigate both on bodies of water of practically zero depth and powering up and down a flowing river. This vehicle is particularly useful in dynamic situations where sand bars or swift currents present obstacles to the conduct of the survey. It is also quite helpful for determining impoundment volumes for detention structures as well as ground lines for boat ramps and/or beaches. Our services have been used to survey properties within wetlands and to perform lake sedimentation surveys. This is just another example of our commitment to helping our clients solve unique problems.