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Johnson County, Kansas

The Johnson County Park and Recreation District retained Landplan Engineering for design of improvements to the Shawnee Mission Park Beach and Beach house area. Landplan created schematics, final construction drawings and provided construction administration for the project. The project presented a number of unique goals and objectives as desired outcomes of the beach improvement project.

Central to the design was the need for accessibility. Landplan devised a site plan that provides for universal access for pedestrian paths, parking, beach house and related beach activities. Another prime consideration was the need to consider visibility and safety requirements for children and lifeguards, along with the need for shade and microclimate moderations that will lessen the effects of summer heat, adequate surface drainage and wind blown sand retention. To address these issues, Landplan designed a series of low retaining walls, wood decks, shade structures, sand retention fencing and tree plantings. Finally, long term management and maintenance, together with budgetary considerations and time frame requirements, were addressed through selection of building materials, a variety of tree and grass selections and a construction phasing plan.

Recreational Facility Design

Facilities range from passive linear park greenways with trails to multi-purpose playing fields with intense use. Design must accommodate the level of use anticipated. Playing fields must drain properly and be durable. The sheer variety of types of facilities now incorporated at school athletic centers, regional parks, and private developments require attention to drainage, infrastructure, surface resiliency, cost of maintenance, and safety as well as trends in park fixtures.

Landplan integrates landscape architecture and engineering to create successful communities in which to play. The firm maintains specialists in design of playing fields, playgrounds, multi-use trails and pavilions. Staff keeps abreast of new products and techniques for aesthetics, sustainability, security, safety, fountains, bridges and stormwater quality measures. Designing recreational facilities that provide a natural look from opening day and are playable ASAP is a focus that Landplan brings to its Clients. Going beyond design of facilities to include specifications as to how facilities should be constructed is key to the successful result of a Landplan design.