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Chanute, Kansas

Landplan Engineering, in partnership with ETC Institute, was retained by the City of Chanute, Kansas to prepare their comprehensive park master plan. Throughout the years, Chanute has experienced modest growth and attracted tourism. As a result, the City wanted to take the opportunity to assess their current park system. The goals of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan were:

  • Provide an inventory and assessment of the existing park facilities and programs,
  • Engage Chanute citizens for feedback to identify current and future needs,
  • Conduct a citizen survey that identifies specific needs,
  • Evaluate and compare park facilities to National Park and Recreation Association standards,
  • Provide a plan the includes a Capitol Improvement Plan (CIP) for the park system and assist with operational costs
  • Provide recommendations for existing park facilities,
  • Provide recommendations for future parkland and open space acquisition,
  • Provide a continuous trail system throughout the community,
  • Develop an action plan for implementation, and Identify alternative funding resources (Strategic Financial Plan).
The intent of the master plan was to assist the City of Chanute with development of a strategic funding plan and an action plan that provided a means to prioritize improvements to existing park facilities, identification of potential future parklands, and a tool for developing grant applications to both state and federal agencies. With the development of the master plan, the City has a document with which they can improve the image of their park system and identify potential expansion for the next two decades, while maintaining and improving the quality of life for its citizens.


Parks and recreation facilities maintain and enhance one’s quality of life. Whether a casual bird watcher, nature lover, walker, jogger, cyclist, athlete, young or old, parks touch our lives. To assure this, park planning must address and measure a community’s demand/need for open green space, recreation, and program activities, much like a business assesses a customer’s needs. Location, access, and supported activities are assessed against available resources (land, landform, environment, infrastructure, etc). Sustainability of park planning and design needs to not only address the short-term needs of a community, but the long-term needs as well. This often leads to expansion of parks and recreation activities.

Landplan provides comprehensive park planning services for city, county, and state departments as well as for individual parks. Our philosophy is that no two communities are alike. Each community has their own separate core of values and needs. Successful communities will provide parks that function within neighborhoods, community parks, and regional recreation centers. Depending on the community’s needs, playgrounds, bike trails, multi-use play fields, baseball fields, soccer fields, skateboard facilities, and nature areas are planned in concert with the natural setting of the parkland. We work with neighborhood groups, park staff, maintenance staff, park board members or officials, and park users to address their concerns while addressing the issue of on-going costs. Safety and security issues are always a top priority and are incorporated in the firm’s park plans as well as environmental concerns and benefits. Attention to environmental impacts contributes to the long-term sustainability of a park.