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Lawrence, Kansas

As the planning consultant for RSR, Inc., Landplan prepared and represented multiple rezoning applications for their two projects, Langston Heights and Langston Commons. Our services included not only the preparation of applications, but also presentation materials, coordination with surrounding landowners, City staff and elected officials, and representation of the developer at multiple Planning and City Commission hearings. Landplan’s approach all along the way was to craft an argument for rezoning that demonstrated compliance between the developer’s requests and the local comprehensive land use plan. Prior to submitting each application, we met with City staff to assess the favorability of the rezoning requests. During the public review period, Landplan organized numerous meetings with local neighbors to allow the developer the chance to answer their questions and concerns. For these projects, the rezoning applications were accompanied by preliminary plat submittals, which included ample conceptual engineering. Our combined approach of sound land use planning and preliminary engineering ultimately succeeded earning the developer the public approval of over 60 acres of rezoned property.


Development often involves agricultural land being brought into a city and rezoned for the planned development. Once a parcel is annexed, a rezoning request may proceed if zoning other than the city’s default zoning for the parcel is desired. Rezoning may be sought for parcels long within a city as well.

Landplan provides application and presentation services for annexation as well as rezoning. Notice to surrounding landowners for rezonings, development of presentation materials, and representation of landowners and projects at planning and zoning commissions are included in these services. Landplan’s approach often involves pre-submittal meetings with planning departments and assessment of neighborhood reaction. Experience has shown that anticipating objections and addressing them in project plans may speed the approval process. Landplan’s success in such applications is born of experience and the integration of planning for community concerns with preliminary engineering to allay objections that may accompany development proposals.