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Kearney, Kansas

Landplan Engineering teamed with Phillips and Associates to update the City of Kearney's 1994 Comprehensive Plan. The purpose of the update for the City of Kearney is to provide a guide for future land development as the City continues to grow. The following issues were studied and are part of the Comprehensive Plan Update: Population Trends, Housing Trends, Natural Environment, Existing Land Use, Transportation, Infrastructure, and Community Services and Facilities.

During the planning process, the planning team conducted numerous workshops with City staff, business and community leaders, and City officials to gather input on these issues. The Future Land Use Plan centers on:

  • Public input
  • Transportation
  • Existing land use patterns
  • Environmental constraints (floodplain, stream corridors and existing vegetation)
  • Incorporation of New Urbanism principles
  • Providing business opportunities along the I-35 corridor
  • Downtown overlay districts

Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive planning involves an extensive process that includes community involvement, inventory and analysis, goals and objectives, and specific and broad based plans that address a city and surrounding region or county. Specific plan elements may address individual services such as water, sewer, transportation, fire protection, civic, educational or parks and recreation facilities. Broad based plans include comprehensive plans (physical characteristics, land use, zoning) used by cities and counties to demonstrate planning for obtaining federal and state funds as well as complying with state statutory requirements. Comprehensive plans include the goals, objectives, policies and strategies for the city and individual services provided by the city, as well as land use planning within and adjacent to the city.

Landplan’s expertise with development, public improvements, and land use provide a strong base for comprehensive planning services for municipalities. Landplan inventories community assets, investigates public needs, and coordinates with existing planning functions for small and larger communities needing comprehensive plans or updates to specific plans. The firm’s ability to integrate land use planning with engineering provides unusual capabilities in developing strategies for growing communities.