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Lawrence, Kansas

This 20-acre commercial development is located on the northeast corner of the intersection of 31st and Iowa Streets, one of the busiest intersections in the city of Lawrence with 20,000 vehicles in the peak hours. Landplan developed the master plan for the site for Home Depot, Best Buy and six outlots. The parking lot provides both vehicular and pedestrian access to the site and provides a total of 780 parking stalls (490 Home Depot, 159 Best Buy and the balance for the outlots).

Site planning

Site plans are planning at the micro level. They are required for specific buildings and/or groups of buildings. A site plan establishes where a building sits on a lot, how parking is oriented, landscaping, access, and how people move through the site. Site plans also define where utilities cross the site for service to the building, how drainage is achieved including the location of detention ponds, and location of auxiliary requirements such as dumpsters and their access.

Site planning, in particular, makes use of Landplan's integration of survey, landscape architecture, engineering, and platting capabilities. Updated software is utilized to assess vehicular movement to loading docks, in drive-through lanes, and within parking areas as well as in and out of the site. Creative approaches to stormwater issues incorporate detention in site amenities or even building security features where possible. Parking patterns are optimized for number of stalls and safety. Client's expansion plans and goals are incorporated in utility service line planning and building placement. Familiarity with access regulations and curb-cut restrictions buttress Landplan's ability to achieve consistent and timely planning approvals at the submission and public presentation stage.