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Lawrence, Kansas

Landplan Engineering was retained by the City of Lawrence to design improvements to Monterey Way and Peterson Road to bring them to collector- and arterial-level standards respectively in anticipation of extensive adjacent single-family development. This project consisted of over 1.5 miles of roadway with two intersections. Peterson Road was improved to a 3-lane section with a recreation path on one side and sidewalk on the other. Monterey Way, originally gravel and ending at Peterson Road, is now a 2-lane section with bicycle lanes and sidewalks on both sides. The intersection at Kasold Drive and Peterson Road is a standard signalized intersection with turn lanes, and the intersection of Monterey Way and Peterson Road is a single-lane roundabout, designed to KDOT standards. The design also improved several sight distance and vertical alignment concerns. Additional improvements included waterline extensions and storm sewer improvement with two box culverts and a pedestrian bridge.

Roads & Streets

Street design is more than just the roadway. Sidewalks, bike paths and lanes, intersections, signalization, access, construction detour routing, and carrying stormwater are all concerns that must be balanced. Each jurisdiction has standards, which to the casual eye are similar but portray very different approaches to moving traffic and pedestrians. Streets must bear the anticipated traffic load and efficiently accommodate transit while providing safe access to homes and businesses.

Different individuals within the firm maintain expertise as resources in design and mixes for differing types of pavement as well as in signalization technology. Value engineering reviews address not only cost effective solutions but focus on aesthetic considerations such as medians, circle centers, and entryways. These elements may enhance public perceptions and thereby increase lot values for developers and community residents.