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Merriam, Kansas

The City of Merriam, Kansas retained Landplan Engineering to work with the City and the Downtown Merriam Partnership to begin implementation of a downtown revitalization plan. The one and one-half mile project corridor along Merriam Drive from Shawnee Mission Parkway to Antioch Road includes Historic Downtown Merriam.

Many of the sidewalks in the Historic Downtown District are narrow, leaving limited pedestrian access to storefronts. Landplan was responsible for determining a street configuration that would provide improved pedestrian access, improved traffic flow and safety on Merriam Drive, and widened sidewalks for streetscape beautification and improving the geometrics of the Johnson Drive intersection. Utility conflicts had a significant impact on the ultimate design of the streetscape.

An important project component was the development of unifying elements for the entire corridor. To achieve this, Landplan developed unique entry monument signs and a streetscape plan composed of decorative paving, landscape features, street trees, and repeated pillar features, all drawn from the successful Merriam Marketplace aesthetics. Also, an architectural facade design guideline document was created in collaboration with our architectural sub-consultant.


The image of city is directly impacted by the view down its main street. The image and viability of a community can be defined by its streetscape network. Streetscape design is often a key component to redevelopment efforts. The streetscape sets the aesthetics of sidewalks, building entrances, parking, lighting, planting, street furnishings and signage.

Creating a unique/distinctive community is Landplan’s goal. Our multi-disciplined approach and management process allow us to understand and meet a community’s needs to develop an image for a new community or re-establish that of an older community, while being sensitive to history and addressing business owner and resident concerns, safety, potential vehicular and pedestrian conflicts, infrastructure constraints, and cost efficiency.