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Lawrence, Kansas

In working with Menard, Inc. on a store development project in Lawrence, Kansas spanning over 45 acres, Landplan provided multiple legal descriptions at multiple stages of the project. We provided descriptions of existing tax parcels to assist Menard’s in the acquisition of property. We provided legal descriptions for portions of the property as needed for rezoning and annexation applications. Lastly, we legally described portions of the property relative to its elevation and proximity to special flood hazard areas as part of an application to FEMA for a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR).

Legal Descriptions

Land transactions and planning documents require textual description of parcels. This may be by reference to established subdivision boundaries or to section lines. Legal descriptions may be for boundaries of parcels and lots or for designation of easements and other interests in land. Though generally addressing elements on a horizontal plane, retaining walls and building foundations may require vertical definition where footings and other elements encroach property lines.

Legal descriptions stamped by a licensed land surveyor at Landplan are the end product of research, field survey verification, and graphical and textual depiction.