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Lawrence, Kansas

As the surveyor and civil engineer for RSR, Inc., Landplan generated multiple plats for their phased development project, which entails over 60 acres of land in Lawrence, Kansas. For the first phase of the project, Langston Heights, we platted approximately 28 acres of ground located between existing neighborhoods and K-10 Highway right-of-way into 75 residential lots. The City of Lawrence requires that Preliminary Plats show the conceptual layout of lots, blocks and streets, as well as public waterline, storm sewer and sanitary sewer. Working with the developer and multiple municipal departments, Landplan designed a utility network to support this residential lot layout. The second phase of their project, Langston Commons, abuts a future KDOT highway interchange as well as a local elementary school. As part of the Preliminary Plat services, Landplan has coordinated with KDOT and the local school district to plat future rights-of-way and easements into this 35-lot mixed-use commercial/residential subdivision.


Landplan prepares preliminary plats as part of the initial planning process for residential, commercial, or industrial developments. The preliminary plat identifies the proposed subdivision of property along with rights-of-way and easements that serve the proposed development, and lists any special restrictions to the property. Upon approval, a final plat is proposed for part of or the entire parcel. Upon approval of the final plat, it is then checked for compliance with minimum standards and stamped by a licensed land surveyor. The draft final plat is presented for consideration and approval to the planning commission and later the relevant governing body. Presentation to these governing bodies may be by engineering, landscape architecture, or surveying personnel depending upon the issues anticipated to be most crucial in the approval process.

Final plats are graphical documents supplemented by descriptive text that establish legal boundaries. They are recorded instruments filed at the county level. Final plats are a means to physically dedicate right-of-way for streets and easements for utilities and other purposes. They also may note restrictions imposed by the local government. As such, final plats are subject to approval and acceptance by the relevant governmental unit, such as a city council. Their format and the information requirements may vary among jurisdictions and often require review for technical and formatting requirements by the local authority prior to recording. Municipalities vary as to whether final plats are to be recorded before or after public improvement plans are approved.