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Atchison, Kansas

Landplan Engineering was retained by Benedictine College in 2005 to provide on-call surveying services. The primary survey concern for the College was the location of underground utilities in relation to proposed new campus buildings. Landplan determined the utility locations, developing a map showing the locations, which were then incorporated into the aerial survey. Landplan also provided survey control for the aerial photography, and established a primary control network on the campus for future use in utility, building and infrastructure development. In later years, Landplan provided site topography and construction layout for student housing, athletic fields, parking facilities and classroom buildings.


Accurate documentation of the surface of a land parcel is critical to nearly all aspects of the development process. The topographic survey reflects the parcel's natural drainage and relationship to adjoining land. As such, it provides the basis for, and its completion is a prerequisite for, the drainage study, which is one of the initial filings in planning and approval processes. In addition to the elevation of land, the topographic survey identifies physical features of the land, such as streams, structures, utilities, and other improvements.

Landplan's surveyors utilize state-of-the-art GPS and data systems in the field that integrate with CAD systems to create the base computer files utilized for all aspects of planning and design. As an outgrowth of dredge area monitoring on the Kansas River, Landplan provides hydrographic surveying services. These services are accomplished by a survey crew trained not only in surveying bodies of water to determine depths of flow or impoundment volumes, but also in the operation and maintenance of our 4 person hovercraft.