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Lawrence, Kansas

Landplan Engineering has been involved at this Wal-Mart site for over 20 years. For the existing commercial facility, Landplan in 1993 was responsible for master planning and design. As part of that project, Landplan was involved in an environmentally sensitive demonstration project. One of the key features of this project was to collect parking lot stormwater runoff, divert this stormwater to a greywater pond and then use this pond to irrigate the landscape areas within the project. This practice is now common in many areas in the United States, but 30 years ago was unheard of. Throughout this process, Landplan Engineering worked with local and state agencies to pioneer many of the building codes in place today. Other key elements included removal, relocation and replanting of existing trees, and maximizing recycled site materials.


With the US Green Building Council's building certification program, addressing the LEED™ points system has become important to our Clients and allied design and construction team members. To ensure our staff's familiarity with the system, Landplan Engineering instituted a 12-week in-house training system.

For those Clients with firm LEED™ certified goals for their projects, Landplan Engineering assists in site selection. As our services encompass development planning and platting, we encourage our Clients to identify the level of LEED™ certification to be sought as early as possible in the project cycle. Coordination of architectural, site planning and construction materials choices can elevate the achievable level of certification, while building in the most environmentally responsible manner possible