Landplan Engineering’s purpose for being is to serve the business needs of our clients with outstanding personal service. We believe it is our role to function with honesty and integrity as members of a partnership with our clients in developing the best solutions to their problems.

It is our responsibility to produce the highest quality engineering, planning and design consistent with the desires of the client, the established requirements of the community, and the needs of surrounding owners and users. As stewards of the environment, we believe it is our responsibility to maintain familiarity with and make maximum use of the technologies available to us.

Our final responsibility is to ourselves as employees and owners, Landplan Engineering is a “home” to our employees where they receive fair compensation, quality benefits, continuing education that benefits both employee and employer, consistent mentoring and long-term opportunities.


Landplan Engineering, PA is a regionally recognized design firm providing civil engineering and landscape architecture related consulting services. From our origin in 1970 as a division of an architectural/engineering firm, Landplan was incorporated in the State of Kansas as a separate company in 1979. In 1991, Landplan Engineering established an office in Kansas City, Missouri to better serve our metro area clients. More recently, we opened an office in The Woodlands, Texas (Houston).

Landplan Engineering’s goals are to creatively respond to client needs, produce innovative and implementable planning and design solutions, and consistently provide high quality service. We achieve these goals by hearing what our clients say and assembling project-specific teams of highly skilled professionals, with the full involvement of a Landplan principal in each and every project.

We take pride in the personal service provided to our clients. We do this by dedicating talented and experienced personnel to the project team throughout the duration of a project. In addition, a principal of the firm supervises each stage of design and production, while maintaining personal contact with the client, ensuring full communication and the realization of project goals.


The Landplan Engineering team combines the expertise and experience of various professionals to meet specific project needs. Our engineers and landscape architects are licensed in Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Colorado.