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A Peak Into the Sausage Factory

If you are familiar with the Bismark quote “If you like laws and sausages, you should never watch either one being made,” it is likely you have discovered some unexpected facts about how your favorite things come into being. We would posture that it’s probably fair to add subdivisions to the list.

One of our current projects requires Landplan to design a subdivision around two large environmentally protected areas. This involves varying densities and ensuring that drainage matches very precise parameters. While the end product will no doubt be a lovely, organized, functional development, the visuals here provide a look at a few of the fifteen+ iterations the design process has walked through on the way to that end result.

You may know that defining parameters, locating retention, and working through the layout are part of the process, but did you ever consider that the first pen to paper that birthed the subdivision you live in may have been sketched on the back of a napkin? Stay tuned for the much refined end plan!