Bachelor of Landscape Architecture | Oklahoma State University

Corby graduated with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Oklahoma State University in 1998. He places great emphasis on attractive and functional design in both creating community benefit and preserving natural ecosystems. Before joining Landplan in 2020, Corby worked for design firms in Dallas, TX and Tulsa, OK.

Corby has used his talents at Landplan Engineering to create conceptual plans for residential and commercial developments with the goal of maximizing usable space with considerations to the vision of the subject community and municipalities. He designs not only to suit the current needs of a community, but also to plan for future growth and expansion. Much of his work has included site analysis identifying how to address traffic flow, existing vegetation, existing drainage patterns, surrounding land uses, and how to increase community benefit through renovation. He excels at determining how to create balance between what municipalities, developers, neighbors, and nature want from a given space.

Headshot of Corby Rust