Shawn Bryan, PE, CFM

Engineering Department Manager

With over two decades of extensive experience in civil engineering, Shawn Bryan is a seasoned professional known for his commitment to delivering excellence in a diverse range of projects. As a licensed professional engineer across multiple states, Shawn has served as the Engineer of Record on projects nationwide, showcasing his expertise in design, permitting, and construction.

Shawn’s passion lies in collaborating with clients to navigate the intricacies of project development. His background as a consulting engineer has seen him successfully design commercial, residential, and industrial projects, coupled with managing state and federal permitting and floodplain considerations.

A significant portion of Shawn’s career has been dedicated to becoming an expert in urban stormwater planning, design, and construction. This comprehensive experience enables him to offer innovative solutions to the region, encouraging clients to think beyond conventional boundaries.

In essence, Shawn Bryan brings a balanced, holistic perspective to every project, leveraging his wealth of knowledge to find optimal solutions and consistently exceed client expectations.