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Traffic, Traffic, and More Traffic

The Santa Fe and Camino Real developments were big projects to start with. But what happens when your original plans are created to accommodate 200,000 inhabitants, and now the expectation is that the population will exceed 400,000?

Well, you must adjust.

Land is added, planning density increases, and you revise your traffic plans. Maintaining traffic flow is essential in the early planning and construction of a community. For these projects specifically, additional east-west roads are being added to the masterplan and every inch of pavement is essential. You have to make the most of every opportunity, like Trinidad.

Trinidad is a mile of concrete road through the forest facilitating one of the internal north-south connectors to head west toward a state highway. Right now this small patch of road is under construction, but soon it will have a big job. As with other roads in these developments, the flow is maintained by internal roundabouts rather than constantly interrupted with stop signs or traffic signals. The expectation is that even with the altered population estimates, the Santa Fe and Camino Real communities will feel like this road looks, smooth and peaceful.